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2 Mistakes to Avoid When Leasing an Office

26 June 2022
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There are limitless reasons to lease office space. First, renting an office space requires less capital than purchasing a commercial property outright. Furthermore, renting an office space allows you to upgrade your space as your business grows. However, your rental office can prove profitable if you avoid the following mistakes. 1. Not Negotiating the Terms of Your Lease When you rent an office space, you must meet all the terms of your lease agreement. Read More …

Planning to Lease a Commercial Property? Important Points to Discuss with a Realty Agent

12 May 2022
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If you are planning to lease a commercial property, you probably already know that the process is going to be a bit more complicated than the process involved in acquiring a lease on a residential property. In addition to selecting a property that will serve as an efficient, convenient space for your business or retail operation, you will also want to consider existing regulations for the structure or area, potential competition from similar businesses, physical location, and other factors. Read More …

Tips For Moving To A New Home And Dealing With Movers

4 April 2022
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Moving to a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. If you plan out your move in advance and start packing early, you'll eliminate a lot of the stress you might otherwise experience. Leaving things until the last minute isn't a good plan for moving. Here are a few other tips for moving and dealing with movers. Get Your Estimate Early During Busy Season Movers are busy during the summer months since people tend to move when school is out and the weather is nice. Read More …

Do All Apartments Have the Same Dog Rules?

28 February 2022
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If you live in an apartment that's kicking your dog out, or a new apartment is saying your dog won't be allowed, you might think that all apartments are the same. That's not true. Different apartments all have their own dog rules. Here are some of the things you should look for. Insurance Policies One of the biggest reasons that many apartment complexes don't take certain types of dogs is insurance policies. Read More …

5 Tips For Getting Ready For A Home Inspection As A Seller

19 January 2022
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If you are getting ready to put your property up for sale, you will likely have to submit it for a home inspection once you get an offer on the home. An inspector will inspect your home from a structural and functional standpoint and provide the buyer with information about the home's structure. As a seller, there are things that you can do that will make the inspection easier for the inspector and that will increase your chances of the buyer getting positive feedback about your home. Read More …