Tips For Choosing The Right Senior Living Apartment

Tips For Choosing The Right Senior Living Apartment

12 October 2022
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Now that you have decided to sell your single-family home and move into a senior living apartment, you need to find one you love. This feels like a daunting task because senior living apartment complexes vary greatly from one to another.

While moving to a senior living apartment gives you freedom from yard work and all of the maintenance issues of a single-family home, it is important you find one that best meets your needs.

To ensure you love your new home even more than your previous house, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Decide What Size Apartment You Want

Before you can shop for a new apartment, first you need to know how many bedrooms you want it to have.

For example, if you are single and don't have many material belongings, then a one-bedroom is probably enough space and will be the least expensive.

However, if you are a couple with a lot of sentimental items, then you might need a two- or three-bedroom.

When thinking about your future apartment, also consider:

  • private porch space
  • private patio space
  • extra storage space
  • office space
  • a guest bedroom
  • parking

In addition, do you want laundry in your apartment, or are you okay using a community laundry room?

Tip: Know What Amenities You Want

Often, one of the trade-offs for moving from a single-family home to an independent living community is life-enriching amenities such as a pool, spa, or community center with lots of fun events and classes.

Before you start your search for a senior living apartment, take the time to think about what amenities you want at your new home. 

For example, if you love to learn new crafts and swim laps, then a community center and pool are amenities you will use.

However, if you don't ever work out in a gym, then a large, fully-stocked gym with a personal trainer doesn't really give you any value.

Tip: Visit Your Favorite Senior Living Apartment Complex at Different Times of the Day

Once you have chosen the senior living apartment complex where you think you want to live, then make a few trips to the area at different times of the day and night.

This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Sometimes areas are very different during the day than they are late at night. The time to find that out is before you sign a rental agreement and still have options.

Finally, when visiting, talk to as many residents and others in the neighborhood to ensure it is a place you want to live. Chances are good you will discover an amazing new place to live and might even make some new friends in the process!

For more information about senior living apartments, contact a local facility.