What Tenant Services Do Property Managers Handle?

What Tenant Services Do Property Managers Handle?

4 May 2023
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Do you ever struggle with finding or keeping tenants in your rental units? Additionally, have you ever experienced trouble collecting rent? These are common tenant issues that landlords face but they are not the only tenant issues and duties landlords have. If you're a landlord that needs help with your tenant duties, there is a solution. You can hire a property manager to take over the tenant duties. Here are some of the services this includes. 

Finding tenants for your properties

You need tenants for every rental unit you own, but finding them can be challenging. If you struggle to find tenants, you might have empty units. An empty unit causes you to lose money, so filling the units should be a top priority. Property managers know how to find tenants for all available units. In fact, people call property managers when they need rental units.

Screening tenants

The process of finding tenants is difficult, but screening them is even more challenging. Screening tenants helps you find the right ones. You'll find great tenants with the right screening procedures, and property managers know this system. They know what to look for and how to do it. The result is better tenants in your properties. Better tenants make your job easier.

Completing paperwork and giving tours

Finding and screening tenants are important steps, but there are a few other steps required. For example, a property manager can give tours of available units to people who need rentals. Then, they can assist with all the necessary paperwork for the rental process.

Handling issues, concerns, and problems

When you have tenants, you also have issues and problems to address. Fortunately, property managers also handle these things. They can handle all the tenant calls and requests, which will alleviate these duties from your workload.

Collecting rent and handling evictions

Property managers can also assist with rent collection. They send letters and visit tenants when they haven't paid their rent. If necessary, a property manager can also handle evicting tenants for not paying their rent or for other reasons. Evictions are not fun, yet they are a common part of managing a rental property business.

Are you ready to hire a property manager?

If you would like relief from these duties, hire a property manager. You can search for a property manager in your city to hire for these tasks and others.

Contact a local property management service to learn more.