Noise Complaints And Tenants, A Property Management Company Can Help

Noise Complaints And Tenants, A Property Management Company Can Help

21 March 2023
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As a landlord, you understand that you are ultimately liable for your property, as well as the actions of your tenants. For this reason, when tenants begin to cause issues with other residents in the area, it may not fare well for you. While you cannot make anyone behave a certain way, one thing you can do to minimize the likelihood of these clashes is to partner with a property management company.

Background Investigations

While it is not fair to judge someone solely based on their background, specific indicators might predict what type of tenant an applicant might be. Property management companies perform thorough background investigations that reveal information that might serve as a red flag.

Tenant History Reviews

In addition to a criminal background check, property management companies will also conduct their own tenant history reviews. This process is vital because these records are generally only available amongst property management companies. These reports do not just list more significant issues, such as evictions, but they will also reveal details about minor violations, such as noise complaints. An applicant with several of these occurrences might present issues. 

Proper Notification Process

Sometimes, noise disturbances are enough to evict a tenant from a property. However, from a legal standpoint, you cannot simply tell the tenant that they have received complaints and that they now need to move. Instead, there is a protocol that must be followed in terms of notifying the tenant of the warning. If this process is not followed correctly, a landlord may not have legal grounds to remove the tenant. Property management companies are well-versed in these processes and know what to do. 

Local Law Knowledge

It is also important to point out that the tenant is not always to blame if there is a complaint. For example, many cities have ordinances that set a maximum volume range and designated quiet hours. As long as the tenant is not violating these guidelines, even if the neighbors do not like it, the tenant is within their legal rights. In these instances, a property management company can serve as a mediator against any frivolous claims placed against the tenant and the property. 

The professionalism and experience of a property management company can help ensure you choose the right tenants for your space and the community.

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