What Does A Commercial Real Estate Agent Do?

What Does A Commercial Real Estate Agent Do?

9 February 2023
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When you need to hire a real estate agent to help you buy or sell property, which one do you hire, a commercial or residential real estate agent? A residential real estate agent helps people buy and sell single-family homes and other dwellings, and may even assist in the buying and selling of some multi-family units like a duplex or triplex. A condo or townhome may also be purchased with the help of a residential real estate agent.   

What about a commercial real estate agent? When would you need to hire one of those and what do they do? Learn more about what a commercial real estate agent or broker does so you know when to hire one for your own needs.

They help people buy profitable and commercial real estate

Basically, commercial real estate is any type of real estate that is not intended to be used as a dwelling. Few exceptions apply, such as apartment complexes and the like, but for the most part, commercial property is intended to be used for business purposes. A hotel, warehouse, retail store, and other types of businesses can be considered commercial property.

A commercial real estate agent is responsible for helping people find the right commercial property for their business needs. Commercial buildings are not always easy to come by and it may take a while to find the property that is in the right location for your needs, so let a professional help you find the type of building that will work best for you.

They help people with the paperwork and other things

Even if a property is not being financed and is being purchased outright, there's still paperwork to file. A commercial real estate agent helps to make the completion of this paperwork easier for everyone. This completes a purchase sooner and allows for no documentation to go unchecked. If you are new to commercial property and buying something that also comes with assets, you'll want to work with a commercial real estate agent because these professionals help you learn how much the property appraises for. 

Buying commercial real estate means selecting a property within your budget and in the location that will serve you best. In the end, you're wise to have a commercial real estate agent work with you to help you buy your next property so you can have a successful experience and buy the property that will best help you succeed.