Do All Apartments Have the Same Dog Rules?

Do All Apartments Have the Same Dog Rules?

28 February 2022
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If you live in an apartment that's kicking your dog out, or a new apartment is saying your dog won't be allowed, you might think that all apartments are the same. That's not true. Different apartments all have their own dog rules. Here are some of the things you should look for.

Insurance Policies

One of the biggest reasons that many apartment complexes don't take certain types of dogs is insurance policies. Their insurance company might say they won't cover them unless they have certain rules. In other cases, the apartment complex might have to pay more depending on what types of dogs they allow.

Not all apartment complexes will use the same insurance companies or have the same insurance policies. While one complex might not allow your dog, another one might allow it. You just have to ask around.

Pet Rent

There are many apartment complexes that see dogs as an extra chance to make money. They charge pet rent and other fees for having a dog. Some of these fees go to the potential damage done by the dogs, but some of it is profit for the apartment complex. It's just like how some restaurants target families with kids while other restaurants target couples looking for a quiet night out.

If an apartment complex is trying to get a lot of people with dogs, they're likely to have more relaxed rules about dogs. This means there's a bigger chance that their rules will allow your dog.

Property Managers

All property managers can make their own rules about dogs. These rules may or may not be logical. It's entirely up to the individual property manager.

For example, one property manager may have had a particularly bad experience with a certain type of dog. The dog may have caused major damage to a unit, or the property manager may have been bitten by a dog as a child. This behavior may have been out of character for that breed of dog, but it could still lead to the property manager banning those dogs.

Other property managers may not have had that experience or even like that type of dog. That means that their rules may allow a dog that another place wouldn't. They may also use other tools like increased deposits instead of just banning a type of dog entirely.

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