4 Tips for Creating a Lakefront Property Listing That Will Sell

4 Tips for Creating a Lakefront Property Listing That Will Sell

26 March 2021
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Lakefront property is generally high in demand, and if you have a nice piece of property and home on a lake with the right listing, you shouldn't have any trouble selling your property. Selling your property quickly depends upon you getting your listing right, though.

Tip #1: Stage the Waterfront

People often talk about staging the inside of a home to make it appear nicer for listing photos. The same should be done with the waterfront of your home. You want to create a vignette that is emotionally appealing to people looking at pictures or videos of your home or checking it out in person.

For example, you can add a bench or swing that allows one to look out over the flowing river. Or, if you have a little beach, you could add a few lounging-style chairs and an umbrella. Set up the waterfront so that potential buyers can see themselves enjoying the property.

Tip #2: Open the View

Make sure you have a great view from all windows that face the water inside of your home. If you have trees or bushes that have grown in a way that impedes the view, get them trimmed to open the view. If you have toys or other items stored outside that get in the way of the view, relocate those items. If you have an old shed that doesn't look great and blocks the view, consider removing it. People will pay more for your property because it has a lakefront view, so make sure the view is worth the price.

Tip #3: Get Some Drone Pictures

With a lakefront property, you will want to have great pictures of your home, the view, and the lake. Consider hiring an aerial photographer to capture pictures of the waterfront. This will allow people to see what a great view you have and to feel what it is like out on the water that your home is next to.

Tip #4: Sell the Lifestyle

With a lakefront property, you are selling more than a home; you are selling a lifestyle. Owning property on the water is like an upgrade of the basic American dream, and you want your listing to reflect that.

As you write the listing, be sure to talk about all the ways that you can access the water and all the perks of living on the lake. Talk about the dining room that allows you to sip your morning coffee as you look out over the sun rising over the lake and how you enjoy seeing twilight touch the lake from your living room picture windows. Talk about how the mudroom has room to clean up after a day at the lake and a sink for cleaning your daily fish catch. Highlight the benefits and lifestyle advantages you enjoy with your home.

When it comes to selling a waterfront property, don't just stage your home; stage the waterfront as well. Make sure the view is open, and use drone photography to capture the beauty of the setting. Ensure your listing doesn't just sell the property but sells the lifestyle that comes with the property. Talk to a real estate agent to get help with your lakefront property listing.