What Could You Do With Extra Acreage?

What Could You Do With Extra Acreage?

10 March 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Owning a lot of acreage can be a status symbol, but it can also give you a lot more options for developing your property, living a luxurious lifestyle, or even going off-grid and living off the land. Here are just a few ideas for what you could do with extra acreage, to get the creative juices flowing.

Keep livestock

One reason you may need plenty of acreage is if you'd like to add a few horses or cows to your property (they need very large living spaces). Livestock isn't for everyone, but if you're going for that out-in-the-country vibe, adding a few livestock to your property could complete the look.

If you're less interested in the appearances and more interested in the function of the livestock, you can even work towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle by raising livestock for food, such as beef cattle. 

Rent it out

Owning additional acreage can be a great way to bring in some income as well. For instance, if your acreage is flat and grassy, you may be able to rent it out to a farmer or rancher who wants to grow their own hay or needs somewhere to keep their beef cattle. 

Keep a buffer zone

Purchasing a home with plenty of acreage (or purchasing additional acreage next to your home) can also help you keep a buffer zone between you and the world around you. For instance, purchasing any acreage where you don't want someone else to build a house and block your view could be important, especially if the great views add value to your home.

In addition, owning the acreage around your property is useful as a privacy buffer. You'll ensure neighbors won't build houses close enough to accidentally see into your windows through their own, for instance.

Create a haven

If you've always wanted a huge landscaped estate with manicured lawns and flower beds everywhere, buying plenty of acreage is the way to go. You'll be able to build up the landscaped area starting with the flower beds around your house and expanding outwards until you've reached your goal.

Acreage can also allow you to realize any other dreams you have that require a lot of space, such as building your own private paintball field or mini-golf course.

As you can see, you'll find a variety of benefits to owning more acreage, whether you have plans to develop it or just want to use it as an investment. Get in touch with your real estate agent today to learn more about buying properties with acreage.