How To Hire A Vacation Property Management Company That Works For You

How To Hire A Vacation Property Management Company That Works For You

13 July 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

You may have one property you want to rent out for vacationers, or perhaps you have several properties you use as vacation rentals. It can be difficult to manage these properties on your own with your regular job and daily life you need to take care of too. When you hire a vacation property management company, they can take care of the details for you.

How do you find and hire a vacation property management company that works well for you? Here are some tips on finding the right management team for your needs. 

Do They Have Experience In Your Area?

One of the first things you should find out from anyone you are considering using as a vacation property management company is whether they have any experience in the vacation rental market in your area. They may have had plenty of experience in managing vacation rentals in other areas, but they may not know the ins and outs of your particular area.

They should understand what the local market is like. How busy does the rental market get at certain times during the year? How early do renters call to see if there is space open? When is the high season, and do they know how to entice visitors when the low season arrives? They should also have a good idea of what other rentals are going for in the area to help you decide on a competitive rate.

Having vacation rental management experience in your area is important to have a successful business.

What Services Do They Offer With Their Contract Fees?

When you are looking for vacation property management companies you need to know exactly what services they offer with their contract fees. You should know if the fees cover the marketing of your property and where they plan to advertise your vacation rental. Do you need to pay extra for any ads in publications or for online posting, or is that a part of the fee structure?

You need to know if photographs are included in your advertising. You need to know if the cleaning of the property and grounds is included or if it is an extra service. Do they take potential guests on tour and do maintenance of the property when needed? Are they available in-person for guests should repairs be required?

It's important to know what exactly is included in their contract fees and what would be extra so you can budget accordingly for it.