How To Save Money With The Right Vacation Rental

How To Save Money With The Right Vacation Rental

27 January 2020
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All vacation rentals will give you a good place to stay while on a trip, but some go beyond that. Some vacation rentals have features and amenities that can help you reduce the total cost of your trip. If you're on a budget and traveling, here's how the right vacation rental can save you money.

Avoid Parking Fees with a Designated Space

If you're traveling to a city and will be using a car, you'll need to find a place to park the vehicle. While you can park at a metered space or in a nearby monitored lot, these options will come with fees that you need to pay each day of your trip. Alternatively, some hotels will offer you a space but only for an additional charge that's more than parking elsewhere in the city.

The most affordable way to travel with a vehicle in a city is to find a vacation rental that comes with a complimentary designated parking space. By reserving a rental that has a complimentary parking space, you'll save a few dollars each day and have a conveniently located place to leave your car.

Save on Meals with an In-Unit Kitchen

Food is likely one of the biggest expenses that you'll have to pay for while traveling, and eating can quickly get expensive if you go to a restaurant for every meal. Even a quick breakfast at a low-key cafe will cost more than making breakfast at home.

To save on your food-related costs, look for a vacation rental that has an in-unit kitchen. You don't need a fancy kitchen, but any place with a sink, stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave will let you make your own meals. You can go grocery shopping when you arrive so that you have supplies.

Of course, you can still eat some meals at restaurants if you want to. With a kitchen, though, dining out becomes an optional luxury rather than an expensive necessity.

Reduce Luggage Fees with In-Unit Laundry

If you're taking a plane to your travel destination, booking a vacation rental that comes with an in-unit washer and dryer can help you reduce your luggage fees. When you can do laundry while on your trip, you don't need to pack as many clothes. In turn, this reduces how many bags you need to pack — and can lower your luggage fees if you're over the limit for free suitcases.