Three Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home Without Dropping The Price

Three Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home Without Dropping The Price

30 December 2019
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Selling a luxury home can be challenging. With a luxury home, you have a small target audience. With a small target audience, many real estate agents and sellers make the mistake of dropping the price listing, which can actually devalue your luxury homes in the eyes of your exclusive target audience.

Invest Time In Studying the Market

When it comes time to set the selling price for your home, you need to make sure that you really investigate what a good selling price would be for your home. With a luxury home, setting the selling price can be a delicate task.

You need to figure out what is happening in the real estate market in general in the area where you live. Then, you need to research and find what other luxury homes are selling for and what type of features they have. You need to get an idea of the interest in the general market for a luxury home.

You need to use these factors to come up with the perfect listing price for your home. You want the listing price to reflect the money you invested in the home and the current market trends. You don't want to inflate the listing price based on your own personal feelings.

Hire a Professional Team to Photograph & Video Your Home

Next, with a luxury home, you are going to be able to more effectively and quickly move the home off the market if you invest in high-quality photographs and videos for your home. Hire a team that specializes in real estate photography. You want them to take pictures that really show off the features of your home and allow someone to feel like they are walking through your home.

You want more than just pictures of each room in your home. You want drone pictures that allow people to see an aerial view of your home. Video is also an extremely powerful tool for selling your home. The right team can create a video, paired with the right transitions and music, that will help potential buyers imagine themselves in your home.

Highlight the Home's Special Features

When you are selling a million-dollar home, that home better have some special features. For example, the location may be the special feature for your home, or the fact that the home is in a gated community, or the fact that the home has lots of sustainable features might hold more sway with buyers.

You want to make sure that whatever makes your home special and unique, and really a luxury home, is highlighted in the videos and pictures you take of your home and is prominently featured in the write-up for your home.

When it comes to selling a luxury home without dropping the price, you need to invest in studying the market to determine a sellable price. You need to hire a professional real estate photography and video team to document your home, and you need to make sure your home's special features are really highlighted.

To learn more about the luxury real estate market, contact a real estate agent in your area.