Buying Your First Piece Of Residential Real Estate

Buying Your First Piece Of Residential Real Estate

16 October 2019
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Residential real estate properties will need to be evaluated differently than commercial or industrial properties. While this may make sense to new buyers, they can be unprepared for the full range of factors that they should review before buying a property.

Appreciate the Importance of the Location

Individuals will often assume that the importance of a property's location is mainly influential for those that are looking to buy commercial or industrial property. However, this is also a major concern for those that are looking to buy residential property as well. In addition to determining the quality of life that you can expect in the house, the location of the property can also influence the resale value that you can expect. Lastly, the location can also influence the potential of the home developing problems. For example, some locations will have loose or unstable soil that can lead to the need for foundation repairs in the future.

Consider the Benefits of a Newly Built Home

The age of the home is another factor to review. While the appearance of a historic or otherwise old home may be beautiful, this will often come at the price of the structure using inferior building materials and techniques. This can result in the home experiencing major energy efficiency issues as well as needing more frequent repairs. Also, you will have no way of knowing the maintenance and repair history of the property, which could also be a source of problems. By buying a home that is either newly built or that has been built within the last few years, you can take advantage of the energy efficiency of modern building materials and the durability of modern construction techniques.

Pay Attention to the Porch

The porch of a home is one of the areas that will be given the least amount of attention when evaluating the property. Often, this assessment will be little more than ensuring the porch is structurally sound. However, many families will find that they may come to spend a large amount of their time enjoying the weather on the porch. If you suspect that this will be the case for your family, the porch should be given a thorough evaluation to make sure that it is large enough to accommodate your family's activities. Furthermore, a porch that is enclosed with a protective screen can help to make spending time outside more enjoyable by protecting you and your family from many different flying and stinging pests.

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