The 4 Deal Breakers To Watch Out For When Buying A Home

The 4 Deal Breakers To Watch Out For When Buying A Home

27 May 2019
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As you begin setting up viewings on single family homes for sale, it is highly important to not only look for a house that offers the space and features you want, but to also find a house that is free of major issues. As you shop, here are four red flags to watch out for that are usually deal breakers with people who are buying homes.

Bad odors in the house

One thing that is often a deal breaker in a home purchase is bad odors coming from the home. If you really love a home but sense that there are some smelly areas in the house, you should carefully examine the house to determine what these odors are first. In many cases, odors in homes come from people smoking in a house, pets, or water damage.

Water damage in the home

If the odors you smell are musty, it is likely that the house might have some water damage, and this is usually a deal breaker. While water damage leads to musty odors, there are times when people are able to cover up these smells. Therefore, even if a house does not smell musty, it could still have water damage, and an inspector can usually spot water damage unless it is really hidden away tightly.

Noise in the neighborhood or bad neighbors

It is so important to visit a home and neighborhood multiple times and at different time periods in the day and night before buying a house. If you find that the house you like is overly noisy at night, or if there are neighbors who appear to be bad neighbors, you might want to think twice about buying the house. Once you buy a house, you cannot simply eliminate the noise in the area or the neighbors that live nearby. These are fixture in the community that you cannot control, so you should carefully analyze these things prior to making an offer on the house.

Major problem with the house

The final deal breaker to consider is any type of major problem with the house, and this is something you will typically only find out if you hire a home inspector to examine the entire home.

If you are shopping for a home and come across any of these things, you should carefully analyze the home and situation before proceeding with the purchase of the house. If you have questions or need advice, talk to a local real estate agent today.