Four Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Four Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

28 March 2019
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When you list your home for sale with a real estate agent, your mutual goal is to sell the home as quickly as possible, for the highest price. And while much of the responsibility for selling it falls on the real estate agent, you as the homeowner also have an obligation to help your agent help you. How you present your home can make a huge difference in attracting prospective buyers. Here are four tips to make your house shine.

Clear the Clutter

Prospective home buyers need to envision themselves living in your home, and they can't do that if your stuff is everywhere. Moving is the perfect time to downsize and minimize anyway, so hit up one of the popular minimizing websites or books to help you decide what things bring you joy, and which things can go. If your home is still disordered after your initial purge, start packing any of your belongings you don't actually need. Rent a storage unit and get them out. If you are unsure if you have decluttered enough, seek outside opinions and ask your real estate agent for input.

Clean It

When there are so many new homes on the market that are ready to be moved into, your home needs to be in top shape to attract buyers. No one is looking for a home that will require intensive cleaning before they can even move in. Now that you have it decluttered, it's the perfect time to do some deep cleaning. Get the appliances spic-and-span. Clean the ceiling fan blades. Wax the hardwood floors until they gleam. Your home should be sparkly and shiny.

Hire a Professional Painter

Once you have thoroughly cleaned everything, it's time to paint. Another advantage of new construction is the walls are a clean slate. There's no dings, smudges, or nicks on the walls. Choose a neutral color similar to the "builder's beige" common in new homes and have the painter paint every room the same color. Your colorful style may be bold and beautiful to you, but a prospective homeowner is unlikely to appreciate your daring color palette.

Stage the Home

When the paint is dry, stage your home. Artfully arrange your belongings to best emphasize each room's features. If you have already moved to your new home, don't leave your old home just sitting empty. Hire an interior design staging company to come in and place furniture in the key areas of the home. Staging will aid prospective homeowners in envisioning the space and the size of the rooms.

Contact a real estate service for more tips like these.