The Three Most Important Office Development Concepts That Improve Productivity

The Three Most Important Office Development Concepts That Improve Productivity

10 October 2018
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You might wonder why a business spends money on office development services. You might be surprised to find out that money spent on office development will save your business money in the long run by increasing the productivity of your employees. You will not only make your workers more productive, but you will attract top talent as well.

1. Focus On Movement

Great office design allows for more movement. Your employees will be more productive when they are able to move around. For example, sit-and-stand desks allow for employees to avoid having to sit all day, which is better for their health.

However, these desks are only effective if your employees use them properly, so you may need to use other methods that encourage employees to move around, such as placing a water cooler in a separate room from the desks. Office workers always benefit from having more space. 

There's a common misconception that productivity is based on how much time employees spend at their desks, but productivity is really a result of how efficiently employees are able to work while at their desks.

2. Don't Choose Function Over Form

You may be tempted to focus only on function. For example, you may want to purchase a desk because it has the right amount of space or the right number of drawers that you want. However, don't forget about how your desk looks.

The appearance of your office affects the culture and also creates a space that your workers might want to be a part of. When you turn your business into a space that provides employees with autonomy and flexibility, that's a space that will keep your employees more motivated. When you want to hire the best people, your office space is an important factor.

3. Light Up Your Space

Many workers spend the majority of their working time near computers. If they do not receive enough natural light, this will affect their mood and productivity. However, natural light is often neglected in the workplace.

The human eye is designed to be exposed to natural light and to experience changing levels of sunlight. When the eyes are exposed to the same levels of light, this can have a negative impact on worker productivity. To improve the amount of natural light in your office, tear down interior walls wherever you can. This will also create the space that allows employees to move around more fluidly, which improves worker satisfaction and helps workers be more productive.