Want An Extra Quiet Home? 4 Great Features To Prioritize In A Home

Want An Extra Quiet Home? 4 Great Features To Prioritize In A Home

4 October 2018
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Living in an apartment, condo, or townhome means that you will have neighbors close by. This can make it difficult to enjoy quiet living, even if you have great soundproofing.

So when you are ready to become a homeowner, you may want to purchase a single-family home that makes it easier to enjoy peace and quiet while at home. Knowing what features to prioritize while shopping around for a quiet property will help you make an excellent purchase.

Double-Paned Windows

While analyzing features, you will benefit from prioritizing double-paned windows because they will provide greater soundproofing than single-paned windows. A great way to gather valuable information is to go on a house tour on a windy day or even when it is raining. When you stand next to one of the windows, you should not be able to hear the wind or rain unless it is pouring.

Although you may not intend on spending time next to a window as a homeowner, you will appreciate knowing that a window will block most of the outside noise.

Quiet Location

Picking a quiet location will have a huge impact on how much you are able to enjoy silence throughout the day and night. For instance, living next to a school can give you quiet evenings, nights, and weekends, but the morning and afternoon on weekdays may be rather loud.

Picking a cul-de-sac is a great idea because you will not have to worry about much vehicle traffic. When cars do pass by, they will likely be traveling slow to park in a nearby driveway or garage.

One Story

While a multi-story home will provide you with silence in some ways, you will enjoy more consistency getting a one-story house that prevents you from hearing upstairs footsteps. Also, if you are on one side of the home and your family is spending time together on the other side, you may not be able to hear anything that they are doing because of the walls, doors, and distance.


Although you can enjoy quiet living in a home with tile or hardwood flooring, you cannot go wrong with carpeting because it will dampen the sound throughout the home. Even when one of your kids or pets runs from one room to another, the carpet will keep the steps from being loud.

Prioritizing a few features will help you enjoy quiet living as a homeowner.

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