Looking At Homes For Sale? 3 Reasons To Prioritize Multi-Story Homes

Looking At Homes For Sale? 3 Reasons To Prioritize Multi-Story Homes

1 October 2018
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Living in a rental gives you the flexibility to move whenever your lease ends, but you may be comfortable with settling down in one place for a while and purchasing a house. This is when you will have to analyze all the features that you can get with a home and decide on priorities.

Although you will find a lot of one-story homes for sale, you can enjoy a number of advantages by prioritizing multi-story houses when you go house hunting and are ready to put in offers.


The windows in a multi-story home are where you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits. The first thing is making you feel confident about leaving the windows open throughout the day and night. A potential burglar may have access to your front door and the windows on the first floor, but the windows on the second and third floor will be secure and inaccessible to these individuals.


While you can get privacy in a single-story home by closing the blinds or curtains, anyone who is outside will be able to see the whole interior when the window treatments are open. Although pedestrians and neighbors will have some interior vision when you are on the second or third floor, the extra height above others will reduce their overall vision and provide extra privacy.


Being on the second or third floor means that you will have a better view of the area. In some cases, you may get an incredible view looking out to a city, forest, mountain, ocean, river, or lake. While you can obtain these views from the first floor in a small percentage of houses, you will have a better opportunity of getting them when you purchase a multi-story home.

Although you can enjoy a deck or patio outside of a one-story home, you may love the idea of having a balcony on the second floor that you can relax at and enjoy the view. If you are persistent and lucky with your home search, you may even be able to find homes with a rooftop deck. This will give you an incredible view of the whole area from the top of the second or third floor.

Deciding on your wants and needs is a smart thing to do before you jump into the house-hunting process. Buying a multi-story home is worth prioritizing for several reasons.

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