Should You Move To The Suburbs?

Should You Move To The Suburbs?

27 September 2018
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Despite the conveniences offered by the city, it can be a little tiring sometimes. You wake up early in the morning and you just wish to hear birds chirping rather than honking cars and buses. Whenever you're walking past a swarm of people, you'd wish to have a quiet and slow walk from time to time. In moments like these, you simply want to pack your things up and move to the suburbs. Aside from sudden impulse, here are some reasons that will encourage you to move to the suburbs.

Home for Sale

The first thing you need to consider is what is involved in finding real estate for sale. You might have the idea that suburbs are just for the obnoxiously rich. In reality, though, there are houses that cost around $120,000 or so in selected suburbs. In the suburbs, you can get three-bedroom and two-bath houses for a price you pay for a one-bedroom condo in the city. Most importantly, home for sale in the suburbs tend to have a high resale value — making it both a dream house and a good investment on your part.

Far But Not Isolated

To this day, there is a general misconception that when you're in the suburbs, you're too far from the city amenities. While it is true that you'll need a car or additional transportation means to be able to access inner city amenities, you won't really feel isolated in the suburbs. If you're willing to go distance for your preferred amenities, an additional 40-minute drive or 30-minute commute won't really matter. If not, many suburbs also have their own downtowns and commercial areas. Moreover, with flexible work setups such as telecommuting and work-from-home option, living in the suburbs becomes even more attractive.

Being a Community Member     

In fact, isolation is not really a thing of the suburbs. These areas usually have close-knit communities, with neighbors spending more activities together. They set play dates for their children. They conduct yoga or Zumba classes for the residents. You can bike around the neighborhood, and you'd be saying your greetings at every turn. Many people find this feeling of being a member of a community as one of the advantages of living on the suburbs versus in the cities.

With valuable and affordable home for sale, being far enough from the noise but close enough to amenities, work, and community camaraderie, you'll be encouraged to move to the suburbs.