Benefits Of A Second Timeshare

Benefits Of A Second Timeshare

24 September 2018
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If you own a timeshare, you may already be enjoying the amazing amenities and the luxurious accommodations that many timeshares--like hilton timeshares--have to offer. Now, you may be considering purchasing a second timeshare. 

Here a few benefits associated with owning two or more timeshares.

Additional Breaks From Regular Life

Practically everyone needs a break from the stress of their regular routine. Timeshares are usually available in one-week increments. However, one week per year may not be sufficient for people who lead particularly busy lives to properly de-stress.

Strategically scheduling another vacation week during the year can help you wind down when you need to. If you prefer, you can even schedule a second timeshare week the week before or after your first week. Two consecutive weeks can double your relaxation and help you maximize your time away from home. 

Often, a vacation that is filled with sight-seeing and local attractions can offer little time to actually rest. With two back-to-back weeks of leisure, you can fully unwind and return home feeling truly invigorated.

Limitless Travel Options

You don't have to purchase a second timeshare with the same vacation club, relegating you to a second week at a homeland resort. By choosing a different rental club, you can expand your vacation options.

Many vacation clubs offer point-dependent systems that provide flexible options, allowing you to visit a different resort for every stay. Some clubs even provide resort options from multiple vacation providers. Thus, you can enjoy variety and new experiences each year.

Overseas vacations are even possible if you select a club that is linked to an external exchange provider. As a result, you can enjoy a dream vacation, regardless of where you would like to travel. 

Additional Income

If you purchase a second timeshare and choose not to use the associated week, you can offer the week to interested vacationers for a price that is higher than your annual maintenance fees. As a result, you can make money just by owning an additional timeshare and renting it out. You can add the additional money to your savings, use it to pay future maintenance fees, or just spend it on something that you enjoy.

Gifted Vacations

If you want to do something really special for a friend or family member, you may want to consider giving your second vacation week away. You can offer your loved one a week of fun and relaxation without sacrificing your usual timeshare week.

To purchase a second timeshare, schedule a consultation with a vacation specialist in your local area.