Selling Your Home? Staging Secrets Your Agent Wants You To Know

Selling Your Home? Staging Secrets Your Agent Wants You To Know

19 September 2018
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Potential buyers want to see your home up close and personal, so relying on photos posted online is not possible. Therefore, these potential buyers will want to come see the home, which means you will need to make sure it is clean, organized, and staged. Thankfully, staging your home does not have to be too stressful. Here are a few staging secrets your real estate agent wants you to know if you want to sell your home quickly and profitably.

Light it Up

Lighting is key when staging your home. The right light will make your home brighter, but it will also make your home look and feel larger.

If you have outdated fixtures with traditional bulbs, consider replacements. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the home are inexpensive replacements. Install LED bulbs for a crisper light that uses less energy than standard light bulbs. Be sure to have one light fixture in each room that uses halogen bulbs, though, since the bulb will add an enormous pop of light.

Add a floor lamp or accent lighting piece to darker areas of your home.

Before leaving your home for a showing, open all the window treatments to let natural light into the house. Then, turn on every lamp and light fixture you have in the home.

Remove Personality

You and your family's personality add style to your house, turning the property into your home. Unfortunately, if potential buyers see signs of your unique personality, they will struggle feeling like your home can be their home. To ensure a buyer will be able to feel at home in your house, remove anything that displays your life and your family's personality.

For example, it is fine to have pictures on the wall during a showing, but remove family photos from tables, mantles, and walls. If you have a gallery wall of family photos, consider removing the pictures of you and your family and adding artistic prints and photographs of landscapes and botanicals.

Remove toys from the family room and store in a clean, neat area of the home that is not visible. You should also take up and store away pet dishes, beds, and toys.

Clean off any notes, calendars, artwork, school assignments, and photos from a memo board hanging in a common area. Also, remove the same items from your kitchen's refrigerator.

Staging your home can be done quickly and easily. These secrets and your agent's help will guide you through the staging and selling process.