Avoiding Problems When Selling Your Condo

Avoiding Problems When Selling Your Condo

19 September 2018
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When it comes time to move out of your condo, it will likely be necessary to go through the process of preparing and selling the unit. While this type of real estate transaction is common, it can be different from traditional homes.

Retain A Real Estate Agent

In addition to helping with the preparation of documents, contracts and providing tours, a real estate agent will also help you with marketing. The individuals that are most interested in condos for sale may not be interested in buying traditional houses. As a result, it will be necessary to tailor the marketing of the unit to target individuals that are most likely to be interested in buying a condo. Working with a real estate agent that is experienced with selling condos can help you with this problem as these professionals will know the many of the most effective local marketing options for condo sellers.  

Schedule Tours During The Appropriate Hours For Your Building

It is common for condo buildings to have a number of rules that must be followed when selling the unit. In particular, there are usually numerous regulations about the times when unit tours can be given. This is done to protect the privacy and quality of life of those living in the neighboring units. For most buildings, the acceptable window of time for these tours will be during normal business hours, but you should make sure to check with your building's association to make sure that you avoid violating this rule. Otherwise, fines could be issued that will have to be paid before the unit can be sold.

Have A Copy Of The Condo Rules Available For Review

Each condo association will have the power to make its own rules and regulations. Not surprisingly, it will likely be a request form potential buyers to review the rules of the building. Having a copy of these rules ready to provide to these individuals will reduce the inconvenience that these requests may cause.

Detail And Stage The Unit Before Starting To Show It To Potential Buyers

Prior to showing the unit to buyers, it should be thoroughly detailed and staged. The detailing is necessary to address any dirt, dust or odors that you may not notice. Staging the unit can give potential buyers a strong impression of the unit by making it easier for them to imagine their furniture in it. There are staging providers that will allow you to affordably rent the furniture to stage the unit so that you will not have to leave your possessions behind.