Location, Location, Location! How Real Estate Search Parameters Find The Perfect Location

Location, Location, Location! How Real Estate Search Parameters Find The Perfect Location

12 September 2018
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Home real estate hunting can be daunting. At any one time in any one location, there are hundreds to thousands of available properties for sale. Thankfully, you live in an age where online search parameters can really narrow things down (versus the paper listings hunts of the pre-digital age). Here is how you (or your real estate agent) can use these search parameters to narrow down the locations of homes that may suit your needs.

Properties in the Same City

You want to stay right where you are in a city that you know and love. If that sounds like you, then use the search parameter that excludes all other locations but your own city. You may have to refine your search by adding "on the bus routes," "near schools," and/or "close to hospitals" or "close to shopping."

Properties in the Same State

Maybe all of the available homes in your city are completely unappealing. It happens. Widen the scope of your search to include the entire state. You will be overwhelmed by properties and property listings, but you might find a home that is absolutely perfect (and it allows you to stay within driving distance of friends and family).

Properties Nationwide

Talk about casting a wide net, but setting search parameters for the "continental 48" will certainly find you a home somewhere in this country. If you find the absolute perfect home, are you willing to fly to its location to view it and make an offer? Better yet, are you willing to relocate that far? If so, a real estate agent can help you dig deep through millions of listings to find the absolutely perfect home for you.

International Properties

Maybe you want to move out of the U.S. entirely and not look back, or maybe your employer is sending you to lead a start-up satellite location abroad. Whatever the reason for moving far, far away, you can close off the nationwide parameter search features and open the international search parameter.

Approximation Locations

Finally, you should look at approximation locations. A lot of people look for approximate locations properties by entering the acceptable distance between themselves and something else really important, like an elementary school or university. Maybe you need a new abode because you are moving a parent into your home and he/she has cancer, and everyone needs to be close to the hospital. You can make those kinds of location searches, too.