3 Features To Look For When House-Hunting In A Wheelchair

3 Features To Look For When House-Hunting In A Wheelchair

12 September 2018
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Beginning your search for a home can come with a very different list of priorities when you use a wheelchair compared to somebody that has full mobility. Instead of looking at just any home that's in your budget and the neighborhood that you want, it's important that you focus on features that will make mobility easier once you move in.

Considering some of the following features that you should prioritize when house hunting can make all the difference once you move in and need to get used to daily life with your wheelchair.

Open Floor Plan

With so many different homes available for sale, it's important to consider how big of an impact the layout can have on whether it's a good fit for you. In many cases, your hallways and smaller living spaces can lead to difficulties moving around unless you purchase a compact wheelchair specifically for fitting into tighter spaces.

With this in mind, you should look for homes that have an open floor plan that has plenty of room for moving through with a wheelchair.

Height for Counters

As you begin shopping for homes for sale, it's so important that you consider just how high the counters are in the kitchen and bathroom. While this may seem like a strange thing to look for, it can make a big difference regarding how comfortable you are while cooking or getting ready in the morning. Shorter counters can accommodate much better for accessing with a wheelchair, making sure that your mobility won't be an issue when getting around your home.

If the counters are in poor shape, this could be a good opportunity for replacing them with something that's a better height for you and your wheelchair.

Level Throughout

While a two-story home is obviously not going to be an option for you, you also want to consider whether the home has any unevenness that can be difficult to get around in a wheelchair. Steps leading up to the home can be difficult to maneuver, as well as many split-level homes. Keeping this in mind can help you find a home that won't be difficult to move around in with your wheelchair.

Taking your time with shopping for a home can make all the difference in leading towards features that will make it easier to get around with your wheelchair. While living in a home with a wheelchair can come with some drawbacks for mobility, the above features can make it much more comfortable for you.

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