Tips For Sprucing Up The Front Porch Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Tips For Sprucing Up The Front Porch Before Listing Your Home For Sale

11 September 2018
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One of the first things potential buyers see when they come to tour your home is your front porch. If the porch is inviting then it makes buyers want to look at the rest of the house. Before listing your house for sale, take a good look at your front porch and spruce it up using each of these tips:

Tip: Promote the Front Porch as a Place to Sit and Enjoy the Outdoors

Even if you have never spent any time using your home's front porch as an outdoor living space, it's advisable that you show potential buyers what a great space it is for this purpose. For example, set some wooden rocking chairs or a comfortable bench on the porch. When buyers see the seating space, it will help them to see themselves sitting there drinking their morning coffee while watching the birds.

Tip: Paint the Front Door a Bright Color and Hang a Seasonally-Appropriate Wreath on It

If your home's porch lacks character, you can greatly improve it by simply painting the front door a bright color that complements the rest of the home's paint job. Then, hang a seasonally-appropriate wreath on it. For example, if your home is painted white and you plan to sell in the fall, then paint the door bright red and hang a wreath with natural greenery on it.

Tip: Use Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery to Soften the Look of the Porch

Since you do not want your porch to look sterile, you need to add some flowers and greenery. This will soften its look. The best way to do so and add some extra character to the area is to:

  • hang some bowls of flowers

  • put out a large plant in a decorative ceramic pot

  • place topiaries on the ends of each stair leading to the porch

It is important to note that the human eye prefers to see things in groups of odd numbers. So, when placing plants or flowers around your porch make sure you do so in groups of three or five, rather than two or four.

Tip: Hang an American Flag on the Porch

Finally, no home's porch spruce-up job is complete without an American flag. The porch should have a flag holder, but if it doesn't then purchase one at a hardware store and install it. Hanging Old Glory on your porch signifies your American spirit, but also reminds home buyers that purchasing a home is an important part of the American Dream. A real estate agent can also be very helpful in providing specific tips regarding your space and home. Reach out to a local agent for additional tips and help.