Why Depersonalizing Helps Sell A House And How To Do It

Why Depersonalizing Helps Sell A House And How To Do It

26 September 2018
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When you contact a real estate agency to schedule an appointment for an agent to come to your home to list it, one of the things the agent might recommend is depersonalizing your house. This is a common request made by agents, and they make this request because it can make a difference with selling your house. Here are three things to understand about depersonalizing your home.

What it means

To depersonalize a house, it means you must remove anything from it that relates to you, or your family, in a way that is personal. The best example of personal items are family photos. Pictures of your family hanging on the walls in your house shows that your family owns the house and lives in the house. Removing all the personal effects that you have in the house will take away the feeling that your family lives there.

The reasons it helps you sell your house

One of the reasons depersonalizing helps sell a house is because it offers a blank slate to people who see your house. When they see it, they will see a general house that anyone could live in. There will be no personal sentiments out that tie the house to a certain family.

Depersonalizing also helps a house appeal to a higher crowd of people. Part of depersonalizing a house involves removing decorations that only some people would like and appreciate. When you remove items that could turn people off, it means that your house might have a positive effect on those that come there to see it. Depersonalizing also helps people see the house for what it truly is instead of focusing on the items inside the house.

How to do it

There are several steps you should take when you begin the process of depersonalizing. The first step is removing all photos of your family. This includes photos on your walls and the tables in your rooms. Secondly, remove everything from your refrigerator door. Most people put things on their refrigerators that are personal, such as photos, schedules, or pictures their kids made. These are all personal items that will attach your family to the house, so you should clear this area off to depersonalize it.

The next step will involve removing decorations that would not appeal to most people. For example, if you love instruments and have pictures of instruments on your walls and decorations of instruments on your tables, remove them. Remove any decorations that would not appeal to most people.

If you would like help learning more about how you can stage your home so that it sells faster, contact a realtor in your city.