Parking Options (And Enforcement) For Large Complexes

Parking Options (And Enforcement) For Large Complexes

21 September 2018
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Property managers have a public image as the people who rent out apartments and collect the rent, but they have many more duties than just being a tenant gatekeeper. They also have to decide how to handle landscaping, arrange for repairs, and create a workable parking plan for the complex. For independent property owners, finding the right parking solution may not seem like such a big deal, but it can make or break the property in online reviews, which in turn can affect how many people try to apply for vacant apartments. And for larger complexes, a parking free-for-all with no enforcement can turn into a major headache. Delegating these duties to a professional property manager is the first step toward solving many of the complex's woes.

Experience With Parking Types

Property management companies work with many different types and sizes of properties, and the employees are well-versed in the ups and downs of the parking systems that these properties have used. They can choose a system that has a greater chance of working well for a property, rather than randomly choosing one and hoping everyone plays along.

Three main types of parking exist. One is simply open parking. It pretty much uses the honor system and depends on residents using the lot and non-residents staying out. As you might have guessed, in areas where parking is tight, this sort of system can lead to abuse from people who don't live in the complex.

Another type is a permit system where residents have permits, but the spaces are open and unassigned. Add in a few visitor spots, and this system can work well as long as you don't have non-residents sneaking in and hogging the visitor spots. This system allows people to find spots any time they need them, as long as there are enough spots for all the residents.

A third type is assigned parking. Residents have a sticker and an assigned space. The issue here is when someone decides they don't like their space, so they steal someone else's, requiring that person to park who knows where else.

Towing and Enforcement

Given that each parking scenario has a potential pitfall, a property management company will have ways to enforce the parking. In some cases, this is merely a matter of notifying the errant parker that they need to move their car and not park in the wrong spot again. Other times it may escalate to towing, and a property manager will have a towing contract in place.

For individual property owners, dealing with parking can take up way too much time. The property is supposed to be an investment, not a temporal black hole that takes over the days, weeks, and months. If you are a property owner, start looking for property managers to take over the day-to-day duties at the property.